Rita Page Reid For Public Administrator

When you see the sadness in life, be compassionate. When you see the darkness, become the light and be passionate.

– Debasesh Mridha, MD

Rita has served tirelessly for 25 years in administration for three Clark County Government Agencies:

  • The District Attorney’s Office
  • The County Clerk
  • The Public Administrator’s Office for the last 15 years

Rita’s experience and duties, especially as Assistant Clark County Clerk and Assistant Public Administrator, have included:

  • Management and supervisory responsibilities
  • Development and handling of departmental budgets and resources
  • Oversight of criminal and civil clerk services
  • Oversight of departmental case management
  • Direct case management of decedent caseload
  • Departmental liaison with other county and state agencies, organizations and private professionals

Prior to serving in Clark County Government Agencies, Rita worked 16 years in the private industry, primarily in Hotel/Casino Sales, Marketing, Entertainment, Advertising and Campaign Support:

  • Starting with Casino Credit Clerk to Casino Junket & Entertainment Secretary and then advancing to Hotel Sales Secretary, Coordinator, Sales Manager, Front Desk Manager and Advertising Account Manager

Rita believes people in all aspects of the Public Administrator’s Office deserve to be treated with dignity, regardless of differences or similarities of race, color, religion, sex, age, language, social origin, position, title, or circumstances; including:

  • Families and others who rely on Public Administrator Services
  • All staff who help deliver these essential services
  • The many individuals and agencies who provide support and services to the Public Administrator’s Office.

Rita is committed to developing a respectful, conscientious, inclusive and productive team in the Public Administrator’s Office

Valuing the contributions, expertise, knowledge and skills of each and every member of the team is essential

Rita has a natural compassion for people, especially those going through difficult times.

Rita’s compassion for others has evolved to an even greater degree during her 15 years with the Public Administrator’s Office, and through the personal and painful losses she and her family have experienced during these same years.

Rita has listened to, talked to and served many families, concerned friends, co-worker’s, fellow church members, and neighbors who have lost a loved one in our community and are hurting, concerned, or confused.

There are many different emotions and needs that arise in these difficult times and Rita, like many other dedicated staff members, have offered compassion and condolences by listening and providing Public Administrator Services.

Rita was born and raised in Clark County, Nevada.  She and her husband, Bill, have been married for 31 years and together have been blessed with a blended family of three wonderful sons, one amazing daughter, tremendous son- and daughters-in-law, and five incredible granddaughters.  The family is a blend of faiths, races, ethnicities and personalities and the motivation for Rita’s commitment to providing the best service possible to others.

Rita was taught to have faith in God, follow the golden rule, treat all people with dignity, care for those less fortunate, work hard and never take a single dime she did not earn.  These are some of the strong tenets she follows to this day.

Rita Page Reid

What Services Does the Public Administrator Provide?

It is understandable when citizens in Clark County ask this question, since most individuals who pass away in Clark County have legal next of kin immediately available to safeguard property and handle affairs. However, there are other members of our community who do not. That’s when the Public Administrator’s Office is called upon to make every professional effort to secure the decedent’s property for a period of time, until next of kin or other authorized person is located. In situations where there is no family or no family or authorized party able or willing to handle the decedent’s affairs, the Public Administrator may administer the estate through the Probate process.


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