The dedicated Public Administrator Investigators secure property of individuals who have died in our community when no family or authorized person is immediately available. The property of each decedent deserves to be treated with respect, whether the decedent appeared to own only a few items of possible sentimental value or many items of monetary value.  Some individuals who may have been homeless or near homelessness may have possessed a wallet, a cell phone, a jewelry item, a watch, and/or sometimes a few pictures or other items of possible sentimental value, whereas other decedents may have owned real property, cars, boats, jewelry, and more. Each deserves care in handling, inventorying, and securing on behalf of the family, executor or trustees who may be located or come forward at a future date.  Larger estates with residences, vehicles, and other assets may require follow up, but even the smallest number of items deserves dignified handling and safeguarding.

Rita wants to develop a respectful, conscientious, inclusive, and productive team in the Public Administrator’s office. Rita believes this begins with valuing the contributions, expertise, knowledge, and skills that each individual member brings. When staff members are treated in an undignified manner, it creates a difficult work environment that can diminish morale and quality of service.  Treating staff with Dignity empowers members to do better, go further, care more and excel.