The Clark County Public Administrator needs to be someone who has experience working and leading a team toward excellence in a customer-oriented environment.  Rita brings a variety of organizational knowledge and experience to this office, including years of direct involvement with and understanding of Clark County Government agencies, processes, and resources. Rita was born and raised in Clark County and has relentlessly served Clark County for 25 years.  She was hired by the former Public Administrator, John J. Cahill, in 2007 and was instrumental in organizing and leading the Public Administrator’s Office to meet the goals established by the elected Public Administrator.  The priority was to put customers first by building a team who enjoyed coming to work at a tough job, because they knew they were respected, supported, and valued.  Rita has the knowledge, dedication and commitment that will bring the team of estate technician and coordinators, estate investigators and support staff together to reach the shared goals of excellence in work product and service delivery.  This small department cannot be successful without mutual respect and a shared commitment of each member.  Rita will put people first, the customers and the staff, and remain loyal to her home and the residents of Clark County.