Former Clark County Public Administrator, John J. Cahill, Endorses Rita Page Reid


My Democratic friends, you will have an opportunity to vote REID again very soon!  OK, not a Searchlight Reid, a Boston Reid through marriage:  Rita Page Reid 2022 primary candidate for Clark County Public Administrator (a job I know something about, really, 12 years!)

Rita Page Reid, with 15 years as Assistant Public Administrator, is the best choice in the primary race and will win the office in November, IF successful in the primary three-way contest.  

Ms. Reid came from her position as Assistant County Clerk to elected Shirley Parraguirre,  and having worked in the office of District Attorney Stew Bell.  Rita was introduced to me by Dan Ahlstrom, who was then sitting CCPA, and had seen Rita’s work when he was in Stew Bell’s office. I interviewed Ms. Reid, and I admit my decision included the thought that since she was good enough for Stew and Shirley she would be good enough as Assitant PA for Cahill.  A good decision turned out a great decision.  I knew I could trust Stew and Shirley!

In the interview I also found Rita had worked for Billy Vassiliadis.  I have not had the opportunity to do more than shake the hand of Mr. Vassiliadis, but as he served as an advisor for a number of Nevada and national Democratic political candidates and elected officials, including President Obama and U.S. Senator Harry Reid, Mr. V is clearly a great judge of character. (Yes, OK, I am flagrantly name dropping here – but with facts.)

Rita Page Reid is a native Nevadan and native Las Vegan.  After meeting Rita I discovered we attended the same local High School, many years apart, and I had worked with her sister Theresa Ware as a motorcycle rider safety instructor at the Community College.  Theresa’s full-time job was a Marshall for the CC Courts.  It was nice to get a Theresa hug when I entered the Probate courtroom and she was assigned there.  I also found I had met Rita’s sister Rose Page who worked at then McCarran Airport.  Vegas can still be a small town for old timers.  

Over the 12 years we worked together I saw Rita organize and lead the CCPA office.  I know she puts customers first by building a team that enjoys coming to work at a tough job, because they know they are respected, supported, and valued.  

WHY would I endorse against a sitting Democrat?  WHY would I endorse against a candidate I endorsed in the last election?  Great question, most appropriate, happy to answer.  In 2018 I endorsed the candidate I hoped and thought would be best for the job, best for the work of the CCPA office, and best to lead the team who worked with me for 12 yrs. So that’s exactly what I am doing in 2022, except this time I know with certainty that best candidate is Assistant Public Administrator RITA PAGE REID.

I know there will be kickback as it’s impolitic to endorse against a sitting official in my own party.  However my loyalty is to the citizens of Clark County and not to “politics as usual”, my loyalty is to the Office that I held for 12 years and my loyalty is to the staff who work so hard with great spirit.  Rita is a lifetime Democrat I recommend with party comfort.  The Office of CCPA, and the team there, along with families in all our communities, deserve the best.  That’s Rita in 2022.  That’s REID in 2022.  

May 25 is the date that in-state mail-in ballots are sent out, so time is short.  Do tell your Clark County Democratic family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, VOTE FOR REID – PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR!